Newborn Sessions

Newborn photography is my absolute favourite although it is the most time consuming and require a lot of patience, time, love and skill. I allow up to 4 hours per session to ensure plenty of time for feeds, nappy changes and settling baby back to sleep so I can snap a few precious photos that you’re going to absolutely love forever. I recommend to take photos of your newborn when they are between 5-10 days old so that I can try and do those adorable curly poses while they’re asleep. The older they get, the more alert they become so it becomes harder to then soothe them back to sleep and do certain poses.

I always observe baby’s safety first and always ask parents to assist me with some of the shots that I take by making sure babies are within their reach should baby make a sudden move. With this in mind, some of the images I take (like baby hanging shots/hands under chin shots) are actually composites which means two or three images were edited and combined together in photoshop to produce one photo. I also take the time to edit out milk spots, skin discolourations and scratches hence newborn sessions require more time and effort with editing compared to other sessions. But I absolutely love it! It is a very special time which sadly only last a couple of weeks so if you would like to “preserve” your newborn’s features by means of artistically done photographs – let me make that happen  🙂

It is never too early to book a newborn session. Once you have booked, I will send you my Newborn Session Guide sheet by e-mail or post which has got everything you need to know about my newborn sessions. I always give priority to my newborn sessions because of the time span for which newborns must be photographed but I do get booked up too. So it’s best to book when you’re about 6 months into your pregnancy so I can provisionally book a date on my diary in anticipation of your little one’s arrival or re-arrange it if needs be to accommodate your newborn (as we all know they rarely come out bang on time). Please do not leave it until the last minute as I hate to turn down newborn sessions.

Please send me a message for my current newborn session packages.