What to wear

For newborn and baby sessions:

I prefer to photograph my newborns and babies in the buff – it just looks more natural and pure which is my style. I do love using hats and bonnets though but tend to sway more now towards timeless bonnet styles made with delicate and organic materials and avoid chunky busy patterns. I do love fun outfits for babies who can sit! However, I would still recommend that you choose simple and timeless outfits for your little ones when you bring some change of clothes. So dresses in white, cream, pastel for girls and then beige, white, jeans trousers for boys. Try and avoid busy patterns or really bright colours which will take the focus of the image out of your babies. Remember, it’s about them and not what they are wearing.

For young children:

Again I recommend simple and timeless outfits when doing an indoor session. For outdoor sessions, try and think about the style you want displayed at your home. If you want a “lifestyle” session for your child – then casual wear is fine. I will take as many natural shots as possible and just let your child’s personality shine. However if you want a “themed” session, then we need to discuss the best place to go to for the shoot and can then recommend an appropriate attire for your child to wear.

Family sessions / adults:

I don’t tend to do full body shots of adults at my home studio. It’s just not my style. For indoor sessions specially with newborns – I recommend wearing simple black or white tops for your up close shots with your newborns. Again – the image should focus on you and your baby, not what you are wearing. For outdoor sessions – please try to colour coordinate with the rest of the family. It doesn’t mean that you all have to wear the same colour. But the colours you are all wearing should work well together and should not clash.